MAY + JUNE 2020


The project Det ovanliga och jag (The Unusual and I) is a conversation-based workshop project developed for Halmstad Kommun.

The workshops are centering pre-schoolers and school kids in conversations around their feelings during the COVID-19 crisis. The workshops lead up to an art work to be exhibited at Halmstad Konsthall in autumn 2020.

MAY 2020 


During 2021 the city of Gothenburg is celebrating its 400-year jubilée, and part of the celebration involves the release of a new map of the city centering the inhabitants favourite spots, memories, and stories.

I am one of the ten illustrators involved in the project, illustrating our own neighborhoods. This means I am doing Västra Hisingen. The project is realised by Göthenburgo. 

MAY 2020


This May the Finnish feminist culture magazine Astra will release a new issue with the theme 'DJUR' (ANIMAL/-S) and I am participating with a commissioned text on animal rights and colonialism.